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17.01.2021 Indico page

    The tutorial will be in two parts: a short one about the usage of SMEFTsim in FeynRules and a longer one about the usage for MC event generation. They are completely independent.

Part 1: SMEFTsim in FeynRules


  1. Mathematica 12.
    If you do not have a license from your home institute, you can get a 15-day trial license from the Wolfwam website
  2. FeynRules


  1. Download the SMEFTsim FeynRules source from the GitHub repository

Part 2: SMEFTsim in MadGraph5


  1. MadGraph5_aMC@NLO v2.6 or more recent, including the reweight module.
  2. ROOT with PyROOT (for python2.7)
  3. alternatively:
  4. VirtualBox
  5. The virtual machine Delphes2020.vdi available here . Please follow the installation instructions provided. Note that the machine is about 4GB, so it might take some time to download.


  1. We will use the latest version of the UFO model SMEFTsim_U35_MwScheme_UFO.
    You can either download it from the GitHub repository and copy it into the MADGRAPH/models/ directory or import it from the FeynRules database: after opening MadGraph, type import model SMEFTsim_U35_MwScheme_UFO The model will be automatically downloaded.
  2. NEW A tarball with some scripts. Download with wget

  3. If you are using the Virtual Machine, make sure to download all the material within the virtual environment.